Experian Hitwise Has Launched Two Major Search Products

At some point during the crush of Connected Marketing Week, Experian Hitwise announced the launch of two new premium Search Intelligence products that can improve your search marketing performance. I just found the press release in my email, so I hope you don’t mind if I finally get around to reporting the “news.”

One of the new tools is a new Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) listings report, which provides insight into the effect of natural rank position on actual search traffic received. The rank order of the top 100 organic search results from the search landing pages is listed for three major search engines in the United States based on popular search terms.

It is the only product on the market that provides the ability to correlate rank and actual traffic, which is why it’s worth covering now. Furthermore, the depth of reporting Experian Hitwise offers enables clients to understand which search terms competitors rank well for across all major engines and to monitor that data on an ongoing basis.

Pretty neat.

The second tool is a Search Term Sequencing product, which provides clients with insight into aggregated searches conducted prior to or after a given search term or a site visit within the same session. For example, clients can understand which search terms were used before or after a search for “iPhone” or a visit to Target.com. Reporting will include up to five terms before or after a search.

So, I apologize for the late delivery of the “news.” But it’s still pretty newsworthy that you can now gather these search-related metrics.

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