Hitwise: Bing-Powered Search Rises to 30%

Bing’s search market share stood at 9.62 percent in March 2010, according to Experian Hitwise. Fast forward a year and Bing, which now powers Yahoo’s organic search results, accounted for 30 percent of all U.S. searches.

Backing up Hitwise’s Bing data are comScore stats from February, which had Bing-powered search at 29.7 percent. ComScore’s latest search market share stats should be out this week as well.

Individually, Yahoo search accounted for 15.69 percent searches (up from 14.99 percent in February), while Bing accounted for 14.32 percent of searches (up from 13.49 percent). Bing has posted roughly 6 percent growth every month this year thus far and has come a long way since debuting with a 3 percent market share in July 2009.

Meanwhile, Google lost search share again, declining from 69.97 percent to 64.42 percent of U.S. searches from February to March, according to Hitwise.


And as usual, the other 69 search engines Hitwise tracks still aren’t worth mentioning.

In other findings from Hitwise, Yahoo and Bing again topped Google on search success rate (executed searches led to a website visit) — with Yahoo at 81.14 percent, Bing at 80.32 percent, and Google at 65.91 percent. We’ve previously reported Google’s Matt Cutts’ objections to Hitwise’s search success rate data.


One other noteworthy finding: longer search queries (five to eight keywords) declined in March, while one word searches increased:


Do you think Bing will continue to slowly erode Google’s lead? Why do you think less people are searching on Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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