comScore March 2011 Search Engine Market Share [Infographic]

Google saw some small gains for the first time since September, according to comScore’s March 2011 U.S. search engine market share rankings. Bing also continued its slow and steady growth, while Yahoo, Ask, and AOL saw less searches — with AOL and Ask both hitting new lows.

comScore March 2011 Search Engine Market Share [Infographic]

  • Google search market share grew to 65.7 percent in March (up from 65.4 percent in February).
  • Yahoo fell to 15.7 percent (down from 16.1 percent).
  • Bing grew to 13.9 percent (up from 13.6 percent).
  • Ask fell to 3.1 percent (down from 3.2 percent).
  • AOL fell to 1.6 percent (down from 1.7 percent).

Out of the 16.9 billion searches conducted in March, Google came in first with 11.1 billion searches, while Yahoo accounted for 2.7 billion, Bing ranked third with 2.4 billion, Ask had 520 million, and AOL was last with 272 million.

You can download the PDF file here for your own use: Search Share March v2.pdf

Earlier this week, we reported search market share data from Hitwise showing Bing-powered search (Bing began powering Yahoo’s search results in August) accounted for just over 30 percent of searches in the same period.

Searches on Bing and Yahoo were just under 30 percent (29.6 percent) combined, according to comScore’s figures, which is actually a slight drop from comScore’s February 2011 figures, when Bing-powered search was at 29.7 percent.

Post Update 4pm EST: SEW reader Seth Eliot pointed out that there was a mathematical error in the way we had displayed the data, which made Google look bigger than it was. We have adapted the infographic to the new one which you see now. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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