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RealNetworks Bundles Google Toolbar
April 20, 2004

Google signs a deal to distribute its toolbar with the Real Player.

Google to sell ads on European shopping site
Reuters, Jan. 21, 2004
–no longer online–

Google contextual ads will be showing up on European shopping search site Kelkoo. Not mentioned is the fact that the company already has a similar deal with major Kelkoo competitor DealTime UK.

Lycos Goes Contextual with Google, Sept. 30, 2003

Terra Lycos, which owns sites such as, will carry Google’s contextual AdSense ads.

T-Online drops Overture for Google, Aug. 12, 2003

Major European ISP T-Online has dropped Overture in favor of Google, since Overture is to be purchased by T-Online competitor Yahoo.

Google, Ink Content-Ad Deal, July 23, 2003

Google’s contextual ads have been added to the site, which follows on another recent deal with

Google, MapQuest in Keyword-Ad Deal, June 23, 2003

Google’s AdWords paid listings will now be appearing on AOL Time Warner-owned MapQuest pages.

Google, Lycos Europe team on ads, June 5, 2003

Kudos to Lycos Europe for managing to cuts deals with all three major paid listing providers in Europe. Overture continues to provide paid listings to Lycos Europe for use on search results pages, while Espotting continues to provide paid listing that appear for those who drill-down into directory listings. In this latest deal, Google’s paid listings will now appear on pages within the Lycos Europe Tripod community areas.

AOL Canada inks deal with Google, June 3, 2003

AOL Search in Canada now gains paid listings from Google, in addition to the editorial results it has carried.

Overture Wins Yahoo, What Will Happen With Google?
Search Engine Watch, May 6, 2002

Overture had a major win last month by extending its initial five-month deal to provide paid listings to Yahoo for an additional three years. In addition, Overture’s being named Yahoo’s exclusive paid listings provider may impact whether Google will get to renew its editorial partnership with Yahoo that expires next month.

Overture & Inktomi Out, Google In At AOL
Search Engine Watch, May 1, 2002

Google has been selected by AOL to provide editorial search results and paid listings to AOL’s various search properties in the United States, including AOL Search, Netscape Search and CompuServe Search.

Google turns up on CompuServe search, March 25, 2002

Paid listings from Google have shown up on CompuServe search, alongside those from Overture.

BT Openworld and ntl move to Google
Webmaster World, March 22, 2002

Google results have shown up on two British ISP sites.

Google Ousts Overture At Earthlink, Begins Ad Distribution
Search Engine Watch, Feb. 4, 2002

Google has begun serving up search results to users of the Earthlink web site, taking over a partnership previously held by Overture and marking the first move to distribute its paid listings outside the Google web site.

Yahoo Partners With Google
Search Engine Watch, July 5, 2000

Yahoo has selected Google to take over from Inktomi in powering Yahoo’s secondary results.

Good For Google Does Not Equal Bad For Inktomi
Search Engine Watch, July 5, 2000

Inktomi’s stock plunged after last week’s announcement that the company had lost the Yahoo web search contract to Google, as investors wondered if the Yahoo deal was a harbinger of future Inktomi defections. Maybe, but the loss of a big portal doesn’t necessarily mean Inktomi is a big loser, just because Google is a big winner.

Google Loses Virginity But Gains A Virgin
Search Engine Watch, Dec. 6, 1999

And so finally it’s come — advertising on Google. They promised something other than banners when the site came out of beta, and Google delivers on that promise. Ads are simply a big text link, within a blue box at the top of the search results page. I find them oddly refreshing — maybe I’ll even click on one 🙂 Try a search for “shopping,” if you haven’t seen one yet. Meanwhile, Google has cut a new deal to power searches at Virgin Net, an entertainment and leisure portal for the UK. As part of its Virgin Net service, Google has added a special index of 5 million UK web pages to its regular listings.

Netscape Search Gets Rebuilt
Search Engine Watch, April 5, 1999

Netscape released a new version of its Netscape Search service in June. Previously powered by Excite, the new service now draws on the Open Directory and Google for its listings. It’s a powerful combination that makes Netscape Search worth considering among your top search choices.

Google Goes Forward
Search Engine Watch, July 6, 1999

While I’ve considered Google a “major player” in the search space for some time, the deal with Netscape gives it a mass audience for the first time, along with its first business deal. So what’s next? Is Google planning to follow an Inktomi-style model and power other services, or was Netscape a one-off, with future efforts focused on finally taking the site itself out of “beta” mode and into prime time? Google cofounder and CEO Larry Page doesn’t see the two as necessarily exclusive.

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