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New Google WebSearch Program Pays Publishers For Searches
SearchDay, June 18, 2004

Google has released two new services allowing site owners to install web search capabilities on their own sites, including one that pays.

Google Offers Banners & Image Ads — But Not On Google Itself
SearchDay, May 13, 2004

Google has debuted a new graphical ad option for its advertisers — the ability to run banners, skyscrapers and other image-based ad units. However, these ads won’t run on Google itself.

Smart Pricing For Contextual Ads At Google
Search Engine Watch, May 6, 2004

Unlike Overture, Google still refuses to allow advertisers to purchase contextual ads separately from search listings. But at least now, it won’t necessarily charge you the same price as when the same ad is search-targeted through its new “Smart Pricing” program.

Contextual Ads, Bidding, and Market Inefficiency, March 3, 2004

In this open letter to Google, Traffick’s Andrew Goodman calls for Google to allow contextual ad buys separately. Add me to the list of people who agree. Contextual ads are not search. Forcing advertisers to only buy them as part of a search campaign makes no sense. The ads appear in a different environment, where you may wish to use completely different creative. There’s also the continuing debate about conversion. Give the advertisers the choice to run both types of ads, or just one of either type. Believe it or not, there are some people who might want to buy only contextual and not search.

Google Extends AdSense Overseas, Dec. 19, 2003

Publishers in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan may now also apply to carry Google AdSense contextual ads.

Google Unveils News Alert Service, Related Searches In AdSense
Search Engine Watch, Aug. 7, 2003

Google has released a new news alerts feature and made changes to how ads appear on web sites participating in its AdSense program.

Does Google’s AdSense Make Sense
ClickZ, June 20, 2003

Google’s AdSense program promises to help small publishers make money off their web sites. But poor targeting may not mean this is a great thing for advertisers.

Google AdSense Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites
SearchDay, June 18, 2003

How to boost your AdSense revenue, June 2003

Do you operate an affiliate site? Then here’s a great article written just for you, on how to make use of Google’s new AdSense program.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Black Holes
Traffick, April 14, 2003

Might Google’s contextual ads attract fewer clicks than search targeted ones? Might they ever, says Andrew Goodman, after looking at some long-standing ad groups of a friend.

Survey Results on Google’s New ‘Content Targeted’ Ads: Low Clicks, Iffy Conversions, April 7, 2003

MarketingSherpa surveyed its readers about Google’s new contextual links and found general agreement that clickrates from these links are much lower than when they are search-targeted. But as the article points out, this is pretty much a non-issue. It would be nice if the ads got more clicks, but any click gains at all is traffic you didn’t have before. The real question is whether those content-targeted clicks convert as well as search-targeted ads. Those surveyed didn’t have enough information to say, so the article turned to two tracking firms for advice. ClickTracks reported for its own advertising, conversion seemed lower. Did-It found the quality to be good in some cases but advised anyone to closely monitor conversion metrics. Conclusions? Stick with the contextual ads program to build brand or if you find the conversion rate is good enough. More advice is also offered — be sure to read this good article.

Context Is King, or Is It?
ClickZ, March 7, 2003

Kevin Lee’s firm is one of the few that was involved with a months-long beta test of Google’s new contextual ads, so he has lots of experience about how well they seem to convert. Sometimes the ads embedded into a content page did much better than compared to being in Google’s own search results, while other times, they did much worse. Lesson to take away? Monitor your conversions and perhaps opt-out of contextual ads, if you see a big drop.

Up Close With Google’s Contextual Ads
The Search Engine Update, March 3, 2003

Close look at how the Google context targeted advertising system works.

Google Throws Hat Into The Contextual Advertising Ring
The Search Engine Update, March 3, 2003

Last week, Google unveiled a new method of distributing its paid listings, placing them on web pages, as opposed to the traditional means of inserting them into search results.

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