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NOTE: Articles about rank checking tools FROM SEPTEMBER 2004 ONWARD are now located in the SEM Tools: Rank Checking section of Search Topics in Search Engine Watch. Below are articles from BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2004.

Please be aware that article links often change, especially the older an article is. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Also note that in many cases, some tools were presented to Search Engine Watch members through the Search Engine Update newsletter as brief mentions. These tools are noted as “Search Engine Update mention,” along with the date. Clicking on the URL takes you to the product mentioned, rather than to a story about the tool. Descriptions are as of the date shown, so the tool may have changed since then.

G-Metrics Measures Google Results Across Time
ResearchBuzz.com, Aug. 10, 2004

Want to know the pure count for a particular term over time. This new site lets you do it. Just keep in mind that as always, search engine count figures are largely meaningless in terms of proof of trends and many other things. See this for more on that topic: Fox News & Danger Of Citing Search Counts.

Search Engine Update mention, July 2004

New free online tool to rank check Yahoo listings.

Search Engine Update mention, May 2004

Free online service that lets you do on-the-fly rank checking at Google. It claims to have the permission of Google’s legal department to do so. Free service.

Rank Analyzer
Search Engine Update mention, May 2004

Free online service that lets you check up to five terms at major international, Danish, UK and Spanish search engines. Free service.

Search Engine Update mention, May 2004

Free online service that lets you check one term at a time on several major search engines and shows a nice, simple report. You can also enter a URL to learn its exact Google PageRank score. Free service.

Rocket Rank
Search Engine Update mention, May 2004

Free version shows rankings for one keyword on several major search engines in an extremely sparse report. Fee-based Advanced version allows entry of several keywords with email reports and additional search engines.

Submit It
Search Engine Update mention, May 2002

Provides online rank checking of multiple keywords across multiple major search engines, including Google. Offers long-term, visual tracking of progress from US $49 per year, for one URL. From Microsoft bCentral. Formerly PositionAgent.

Search Engine Power Pack
Search Engine Update mention, May 2004

Provides online rank checking of up to 20 terms tracked across several major search engines, including Google. Provides email reports. Cost is US $99 per year for one domain. Price includes other services, as well.

SEO Count
Search Engine Update mention, Dec. 2003

Web-based rank checking tool to see how you are performing on Google. Makes use of Google’s API and so claims is acceptable by Google. Provides long-term tracking and visual charts. More details here.

Search Engine Update mention, Dec. 2003

Free online service that lets you do on-the-fly rank checking at Google. It claims to have the permission of Google’s legal department to do so. Free service.

Digital Point Search Engine Keyword Tracker & Keyword Ranking Tool
Search Engine Update mention, Oct. 2003

New free tool that lets you track positions on major search engines over time, including Google (as it makes use of the Google API and is non-commercial, you shouldn’t be violating any Google terms by using this). A backlink tracking tool is also offered.

Epic Sky Competitor Watch
Search Engine Update mention, June 2003

New paid service that lets you monitor what terms your competitors bid on, average CPC, how they overlap with you and other features.

Search Engine Update mention, May 2003

Want a simple way to see what paid search listings are available for different topics from the web’s two biggest providers, Overture and Google AdWords? Then download AdPile! This handy “meta ad” search utility pulls back results from both paid listing networks and combines them into a single page.

Those setting the program to the “US/Global” region also get results from two other providers, FindWhat and LookSmart. Those choosing the “UK” region see major European paid listing provider Espotting as a third provider.

AdPile is a small 400K download, which then allows you to search from within the program. It would be great to see a non-software based version as well, and the company says one will be out shortly. Finally, be aware that even if you set your region to the US, those in the UK will still see Google AdWords results targeted to the UK. The same may be true vice-versa, as well.

Check Your Rank in Google
ResearchBuzz, Feb. 3, 2003

Review of free online rank checking tool Top25Web.com.

Search Engine Commando resurrected
Pandia, Sept. 2002

OK, so there was the TopDog ranking software that as I’ve previously reported, had its brand damaged due to a dispute between two parties over who had rights to the name. Then there was also Search Engine Commando, submission software that got a bit of buzz last year then seemed to disappear this year. Now, some of the people behind one of the TopDog products have purchased the rights to use the Search Engine Commando name for a new combined ranking and submission product. This review from Pandia explains more.

Search Engine Update mention, Aug. 2002

WebPosition was the first software-based rank checking tool, and it is widely used. A top choice for those looking to check rankings. Latest version released in mid-2002 supports reporting at more than 75 different search engines, worldwide. For more, see these past reviews: Feb. 2000; Sept. 2001.

Search Engine Update mention, Aug 2002

Rank checking and page analysis software. You can check your positions on top search engines, analyze pages listed in the top results, analyze your own pages or submit your pages via various paid inclusion programs, for an additional fee.

TopDog is back online
Pandia, Aug. 6, 2002

According to this article, the DC Micro version of the TopDog rank checker wins in a court case over the version provided by Michael Lange. While the facts of the article are in dispute by Michael Lange (see next article below), there’s no dispute to the closing sentences of the article. I don’t know who is to blame, but Pandia is correct in writing, “Readers report that they no longer know who to trust. They wonder which company will survive and if there will be anyone left to give them the service and the update they have paid for. TopDog’s competitors are the only parties that benefit from this conflict.”

Fake TopDog Controversy — Rebuttal and the Facts!
Michael Lange, Aug. 2002

Michael Lange tells his side of the TopDog dispute via this article on his web site.

The New Edition of WebPosition Gold is Finally Here
SearchEngineGuide.com, July 16, 2002

Review of latest features in this Swiss-Army Knife software for search engine optimization, which offers rank checking, page optimization, search term performance tracking and more.

A Review of WebPosition Gold v2.0 BETA
The Search Light, July 8, 2002

Kalena Jordan takes an in-depth look at the latest version of WebPosition Gold, which supports rank checking on more search engines worldwide, along with other product enhancements.

Search Engine Update mention, July 2002

Free and fee-based software tool that allows you to check rankings on a variety of major US and European search engines.

Search Engine Update mention, June 2002

Online-based rank checking service currently offered on a free basis, with rank checking for up to 30 keywords against up to 30 domains.

WebPosition Releases v2.0 & Rejects Reporting Issues
The Search Light, May 27, 2002

Q&A with WebPosition about the ranking software’s new release.

Google protects its search results
News.com, April 16, 2002

About 100 Comcast cable modem surfers were locked out from using Google for a few hours because of automated queries happening on the same IP block that they used. Revisits the long-standing dispute between WebPosition Gold and Google, over rank checking on the service.

Search Engine Update mention, Dec. 2001

Handy browser companion, with “light” versions already built into Netscape and Internet Explorer. It can help you understand how much traffic you receive in relation to other sites, plus provide site ownership details. More in these past reviews: Dec. 1999, June 1999, April 1999.

WebPosition Adds New Engines; Other Rank Checkers Emerging
The Search Engine Update, Sept. 4, 2001

WebPosition Gold has released an updated version of its software that adds support for checking rankings at several paid placement search engines and provides an upgraded visitor tracking service. Also covers some new rank checking tools and log statistics services that have emerged relatively recently.

The Position Checking Wars
The Search Engine Update, April 19, 2001

As search engines — Google in particular — grow annoyed with position checking tools, does this mean that those using the tools risk getting their sites banned? Unlikely, but you could find your position tool itself blocked. Read more on how to avoid problems.

Position Checkers Out At Northern Light
The Search Engine Update, Sept. 15, 2000

Position checking tools can place a burden on search engines, which is one reason why Northern Light blocks them. Google also may block some usage.

Position Checkers Upgraded
The Search Engine Update, April 30, 1999

Earlier article that touches on Northern Light’s blocking of position checking tools.

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