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Search engines sometimes have particular problems with sites that deliver pages via databases, CGI processes or other dynamic means. This page covers articles and posts on the topic. For information on this topic from SEPTEMBER 2004 onward, see the SEO: Dynamic Web Sites category of Search Topics in Search Engine Watch.

Dynamic Pages And Search Engines
Search Engine Watch, Aug. 31, 2004

Search engines have particular problems with sites that deliver pages via databases, CGI processes or other dynamic means. This article examines the situation in more depth and offers some workarounds, such as how to detect URL problems, the impact of SSI & extensions, virtual server issues and solutions for Apache, ASP, Cold Fusion, Lotus Domino and Miva Merchant set-ups.

To Mod_Rewrite or Not
Search Engine Guide, June 29, 2004

Mod_Rewrite is a method of turning dynamic URLs into more search engine friendly formats. But before you reach for this powerful tool, understand whether you actually need it. It may be your dynamic URLs are being indexed without problem.

Warning! Content Management Systems Can Damage Search Engine Positioning
SearchDay, June 16, 2003

Content management systems are great for maintaining large web sites, but many systems produce side effects with serious negative consequences for search engine positioning.

Search Engine Friendly URLs with mod_rewrite
DevArticles, April 7, 2003

How to make dynamic URLs search engine friendly using the Apache web server’s mod_rewrite command.

Making Dynamic and E-Commerce Sites Search Engine Friendly
SearchDay, October 29, 2002

Many dynamic and e-commerce web sites are unwittingly part of the Invisible web, but there are several strategies for making them more search engine friendly.

Server Issues which could affect SE rankings
Searchengineposition, April 12, 2002

Tips on moving IP addresses, avoiding banned IP addresses, shared IP addresses and other server issues that might impact search engines.

Make Way for the Deep Crawl
ClickZ, Aug 29, 2001

A look at how paid inclusion programs may make dynamic content more accessible. Also with an interesting summary of how the Quigo tool can turn dynamic content into search engine friendly pages.

Search Engine-Friendly URLs
SitePoint, Aug. 2001

Tips on making dynamic URLs search engine friendly via PHP with Apache on Linux.

Solutions for Dynamic Page Registration
ClickZ, Sept. 20, 2000

Good, general tips on registering dynamically generated pages.

No Questions Asked
Business 2.0, June 2000

About avoiding difficulties with search engines, when you have dynamic content.

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