Country-Specific Search Marketing Articles

NOTE: For current articles about search marketing issues and country-specific search results, see the SEM Tips: Multilingual & Non-US section of Search Topics.

Optimizing for International Search Engines: Part 2
ClickZ, July 18, 2001

Many suggestions from readers of Paul Bruemmer’s column on important search engines for various countries and regions of the world. Also links to his original article on the topic.

Google Speaks Languages, WAP, Adds Other Features
The Search Engine Report, May 3, 2000

Covers new language support offered by Google.

Goodbye Domain Names, Hello RealNames?
The Search Engine Report, May 3, 2000

Discusses how the country domain codes are being devalued, which has an impact on how well search engines can produce country-specific editions.

AltaVista Unveils New Search Centers
The Search Engine Report, March 3, 2000

Covers new country-specific guides being rolled out by AltaVista, plus mentions new regional partnerships gained by FAST Search.

Voila Covers Europe, Reaches To The US
The Search Engine Report, Feb. 3, 2000

Discusses how European-based search engine Voila produces editions for several countries.

Inktomi Launches European Search Center
The Search Engine Report, June 2, 1999

Information about Inktomi’s domain crawling index for Europe.

UKMax: New Inktomi-Powered Search Engine for the UK
The Search Engine Report, January 5, 1999

Information about a new Inktomi-powered service for the United Kingdom.

AltaVista Northern Europe Looks Gone For Good
The Search Engine Report, November 4, 1998

About the closure of the Northern European mirror site that AltaVista used to operate.

AltaVista Launches New Look, Larger Size, More Languages
The Search Engine Report, June 3, 1998

Discusses how AltaVista stores information from pages in different languages in one index, so that separate services are not necessary.

AltaVista’s Search By Language Feature
The Search Engine Report, June 4, 1997

Discusses how AltaVista can identify the language of a web page, allowing for better searches, in some instances.

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