E-Books Update

In the SearchDay article about Google working with libraries, I mentioned Project Gutenberg. This service has been offering eBooks since 1971. Its founder, Michael Hart, just sent over some updated numbers about what Project Gutenberg offers.

+ 15,000 eBooks on the “original” site
+ 25,000 additional eBooks on the new PG site
He also points out that Project Gutenbergs in Europe, Canada and Portugal are working with material over 50 languages.

Another project that I mentioned in my SearchDay article, is the Million Book Project from The Internet Archive.

What is it?
…the goal of The Million Book Project is to digitize a million books by 2005. The task will be accomplished by scanning the books and indexing their full text with OCR technology. The undertaking will create a free-to-read, searchable digital library the approximate size of the combined libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, and one much bigger than the holdings of any high school library.

Brewster Kahle recently shared some news about how the MBP project is progressing.

+ “The Million Books Project will be posting 10’s of thousands of books later this month on the Archive and elsewhere. These were scanned in India by the Indian government.”

+ This fall we kicked off a volume book scanning “in-library” project at the University of Toronto.

+ Watch a Movie of the Internet Archive’s Scanning Robot

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