Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Book Scanning and Amazon’s New Digital Book Programs

In a new interview CEO, Jeff Bezos, talks about Search Inside the Book and their new Amazon Pages and Amazon Upgrade programs.

Last week, we posted details about these programs (Amazon Pages and Amazon Upgrade) which are based on their impressive “Search Inside the Book” program that I am, well, just about obsessed over. It many cases it offers info about titles that’s unavailable elsewhere. Btw, you can keyword some Search Inside the Book Material using the book search option via A9.

Search Inside the Book (online before Google Print) equates most closely with the Google Print for Publishers program where publishers send in-copyright material to for inclusion, searching, and in many cases analysis. The full text is searchable but the searcher can only view a limited portion online. This is not the same thing as the Google Library scanning program that has caused lots of attention and that will only show “snippets” of scanned in-copyright library materials. Public domain materials are a completely different matter. We’ve been attempting to explain all of this since day one and Danny takes another stab at it today.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article:
Bezos on Search Inside the Book:

One of every two books we sold in the United States is now in the Search Inside the Book program. That has been done the whole time from the beginning until now–and it will continue to be done with the permission and cooperation of the publishers.

On Adding Open Content Alliance Material to Their Database?

I think we’ll have to wait and see on that, but you know, in the public domain, I don’t see why not.

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