Search Engine Watch: a note from the new Editor

Hi, my name is Christopher and I’m the new editor of Search Engine Watch. I assume you’re all applauding at home. However do please remain seated, and I must insist you hold fire on the confetti cannon until I’ve finished this article. 

Over the coming months, there’ll be a few changes to the site.

Some will be immediate: the inclusion of me and a few other motley cohorts who have promised to write nothing but deeply insightful articles on search marketing and slightly beyond.

Some changes will be cosmetic (and what some may consider pernickety): goodbye capped-up headlines, goodbye stock images of women laughing alone with salad, hello personality, hello paragraph breaks.

Some of these changes will happen in the near future: a site redesign, a ruthlessly enforced style-guide, a failed attempt to persuade my colleagues to use more Gifs.


And some of these changes will happen in the very distant future: SEW brought to you exclusively via retinal implants.

But whatever happens, my aim with SEW is to make sure that every article we publish here has genuine value or insight. Whether it’s a best practice guide, a beginner’s guide, a piece of research or a collection of handy tips we will work hard to strip back the waffle and jargon to bring you nothing but honest and plain-speaking guidance.

So you might see a few more beginner’s guides on the site, mixed with the more in-depth technical pieces, these will be written so as to give everyone a chance to understand the industry at whatever skill-level they’ve entered.

But as I said, we’ll also be publishing all the detailed analysis and key learnings you’ve come to expect from your time as a loyal SEW reader. So please bear with us while we roll out these changes, and please leave any feedback in the comments below. Also remind me never to say key learnings again.

Right, you can fire the confetti cannon now.

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