How Will Enhanced Campaigns Affect AdWords’ Conversion Optimizer?

Enhanced Campaigns Batman and RobinMany Google AdWords advertisers are taking the plunge and upgrading to enhanced campaigns. The deadline is looming on the horizon (July 22).

With so many elements changing in the AdWords management flow, advertisers are scrambling to ensure all details are accounted for.

One area of interest is how campaigns that utilize Conversion Optimizer (CO) will be affected. CO is such a powerful tool, but will it continue to function when you combine device targeting and start applying bid multipliers?

Device Segmentation

The loudest complaints about enhanced campaigns is that it is no longer possible to segment by device. Desktops and tablets are treated as the same.

We can set a bid multiplier for mobile devices, but that’s it. Many advertisers have legacy campaigns that are segmented by device and have set CPA bids based on device-specific performance metrics.

The bad news here is that all of this work will be negated upon upgrading to enhanced campaigns. There will be a single, ad group level bid with no way to set the CPA bid by device.

The silver lining here is that your performance history will carry over (device specific). And since much of the CO algorithm is based on your performance history, this should help to smooth the transition.

Conversion Optimizer and Bid Multipliers

Google has touted the new bid multiplier of enhanced campaigns as some sort of saving grace. The mobile bid multiplier is helpful, but ignores tablets. There is also the geographic and day parting bid multipliers which have the potential to make a positive impact to performance.

So how do these multipliers play nice with CO?

In short, CO ignores enhanced campaign bid multipliers. “Conversion Optimizer automatically accounts for the contextual signals that bid adjustments are meant to control…” The only exception here is that if you institute a -100% bid multiplier for mobile devices – then CO, like all other factors, won’t apply to mobile devices.

Conversion Optimizer and Call Conversions

Another new feature in the enhanced campaigns tool box is Call Conversions. In other words, once you upgrade to enhanced you have the option to set calls (via call extensions) to register as conversions. From there you can better optimize your ads, keywords, etc.

Because the calls are registered as conversions, this begs the question – can you then utilize CO to optimize based on these conversions? Another strike out!

Conversion Optimizer is blind to these new call conversions for the short term. According to an agency representative at Google, this is on the road map – but TBA. So, for now, you can manually optimize based on this new call conversion type without the help of CO.

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