New LinkedIn Lead Tracking System: What You Need to Know

My exploration of LinkedIn advertising platform continues! My last few articles have focused on audience targeting for LinkedIn, as well as ad optimization tactics to improve ROI. In this article, we will explore a new feature just released for LinkedIn advertisers – Lead Collection (or in other words, lead tracking!).

How Lead Collection Functions

LinkedIn’s Lead Collection service works differently than most lead tracking options. Usually, you place a conversion tracking snippet on your confirmation page, and when someone converts on your website a cookie is dropped on that person’s computer and the conversion appears in your SEM reporting.

However, LinkedIn uses a “lead collection bar.” When someone clicks on your ad and they arrive on your landing page, a bar appears at the top of the landing page asking if this person would like to be follow-up with via LinkedIn. Here is an example of the bar that appears at the top of your landing page:


If the visitor chooses to be followed-up via LinkedIn, then they will receive a confirmation within the lead collection bar which looks like this:


The user is not re-directed away from your landing page so they can explore your website/landing page as they had originally intended. On the other hand, they may choose to be followed up directly via LinkedIn and bounce off your landing page.

Receiving and Reporting Leads

You can track the number of leads you receive within the LinkedIn advertising interface. They don’t provide additional conversion metrics such as conversion rate or cost-per-acquisition, so you’ll need to do that math yourself. Also, you can acquire your lead statistics within the standard reporting as well.

When you receive a lead via LinkedIn lead collection you will receive a notification within the messages section of your account. A lead message looks like:


Keep this mind: You can contact each lead only once. You better make it good! The way the system is set up, you can’t continually market to these leads. You get one shot. Of course, you can request a connection with each lead to add them to your network, and if they accept, then you can hopefully continue a dialog.

In Summary

The potential negative aspects of this system include:

  • Not being able to export lead contact information.
  • Being allowed only one marketing outreach message.
  • The potential of weakening your core conversion action.

We’ve been conducting testing with this feature but haven’t drawn any significantly conclusions in order to determine if the lead collection bar decreases our core conversion action (still have to get more data).

In my opinion, if someone wants to convert on your website – they’re going to convert. However, the LinkedIn lead collection bar may help capture those folks who are on the fence. So, this actually should increase your overall campaign conversion rate when you blend core conversions from your website and leads you may receive directly within LinkedIn lead collection.

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