Orabrush YouTube Case Study: Screw Viral Videos

morgan-the-orabrush-tongue-webAt SES Chicago 2011, I’m moderating the Screw Viral Videos session. The speakers will be Austin Craig, the Orabrush Spokesman, and Jeffrey Harmon, the Chief Marketing Officer of Orabrush. And they’ve got some marketing success stories that you’ll want to hear.

Now, some parts and early versions of the Orabrush YouTube case study have been presented before.

At SES San Francisco 2010, Baljeet Singh, Senior Product Manager of YouTube and the Google Content Network, told attendees how funny YouTube videos helped Orabrush make a million dollars in one year.

For example, check out “FUNNY: Test YOUR Breath – The Stench That Stole Christmas” to see Craig at work.

At SES New York 2011, Harmon and Abe Niederhauser of Orabrush told me that the company used YouTube to sell a million units. Watch “The Orabrush YouTube Story: How to build your brand using video” to see the interview.

Christopher Heine of ClickZ has written about “how Orabrush’s $28 Facebook ad buy won over Walmart. Check out “MBA CASE STUDY: How Orabrush got into Walmart” to hear the backstory from Craig.

And Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Harmon after the “Social Media Solutions on a Budget” session at “SES San Francisco 2011. Watch “How Walmart began selling Orabrush, the tongue cleaner for bad breadth,” to get more details.

But there’s even more to this Orabrush YouTube case study than the parts and early versions mentioned above. And at SES Chicago 2011, Craig and Harmon will take a deep dive into how Orabrush’s “Reverse Marketing Model” has accumulated more than 39 million views on YouTube through small victories and a sustainable strategy.

What is the company’s Reverse Marketing Model?

“To my knowledge, there have been few, if any, products to go from no sales, online or offline, to full nationwide distribution by using YouTube videos in just two years,” said Jeff Davis, CEO of Orabrush in a recent press release. “Online video is the core of our Reverse Marketing Model. The unconventional approach we’ve taken creates high levels of awareness with consumers online, fosters demand for the product in stores and forms retail partnerships to meet consumers’ need for convenience. What Orabrush has accomplished was impossible just a few years ago. The technology simply didn’t exist.”

So, what are some of the new parts or latest versions of the Orabrush YouTube case study haven’t been presented before?

Well, Orabrush created a Bad Breath Detector app for the iPhone and promoted it on YouTube. The company’s video, “Test Your Breath With an iPhone – Bad Breath Detector” not only has more than 1.7 million views. YouTube also drove more than 300,000 downloads.

But wait, there’s more!

In order to encourage viewers to become subscribers of Cure Bad Breath, the official YouTube Channel of Orabrush, the company created “Diary of a Dirty Tongue.” New videos of Morgan the Orabrush tongue are uploaded every Tuesday.

How compelling is the series? Well, Cure Bad Breath’s Channel has over 162,000 subscribers. To judge for yourself, check out “Diary of a Dirty Tongue: Orabrush is now in WALMART!

Finally, Orabrush has made a number of parodies of Apple videos. For example, watch “iPhone 4S Parody (by Orabrush)” to see the latest video with Craig playing all of the parts.

So, yes, this Orabrush YouTube case study has legs. And you’ll want to get to the Screw Viral Videos session early if you want to get a seat.

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