Vote Obama/Google in ’08?

Is there a line? I think there is, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt crossed it this week by heading out on the campaign trail with presidential candidate Barack Obama.

When the announcement came to me in the form of a Wall Street Journal article, I hesitated, thought for a minute or two, and then set about discovering the ups and downs of the Obama/Google ticket in ’08.

The road to where is paved with what again? Should a powerful CEO voice his own political beliefs and declare no alliance with corporate? Is there any merit to Google’s statement that Mr. Schmidt’s personal beliefs are his own and Google isn’t backing Obama, just its CEO?

Setting Expectations

Economic turmoil, catty campaign tactics, and confusion abound. People are heading onto the Web in droves and our world is changing right before our eyes. We’re beginning a new age of conservative expectations and realistic goal-setting.

Well, we don’t have much choice in the matter. Our own greed, enabled by unreal credit offerings, brought us here. It’s been proven that the consuming public has absolutely no sense of self-control. Big Government is back, primarily because we need a virtual parent figure guiding our every behavior.

The devil inside me says, “What a great way to cozy up to the obvious winner of the election!” Then again, maybe the McCain ticket still has a chance. If nothing else, Alec Baldwin insulting Sarah Palin to her face on “Saturday Night Live” has made her and her running mate an underdog.

Bigger Government

Leaving aside the possibility of backlash from the potential McCain/Palin win in November, this is a really interesting move for Google. On one hand, Google needs a bigger voice in politics if they’re going to convince legislating bodies that they in no way have a monopoly and the world would be better off if everything could be Google-centric.

The world may well be better off just going Google. I’ve wrestled internal demons on this for some time. Since “we the people” are so easily led and told what to believe, perhaps we would be better off in a “in Google we trust” world.

At least until the next revolution.

Think of the way cool contacts one will make on the road with Obama. Obama has been voted in cool by the new generation, Colin Powell endorsed him last week, every celebrity in the liberal left (that would be all but two) with oxygen in their lungs is backing Obama. I’m thinking “on the trail” with Barack is the place to be.

Total Eclipse of the Search

This year’s election may well be one of the most important in American history. Speaking of history, one lesson our leadership in its many forms should have learned is that people are easily led. Now, people are scared and looking for answers.

In other words, people are much more easily led in today’s world. People are listening to political advice from pop stars with drug habits. What did you think would happen when the CEO of the world’s information portal jumped on the campaign trail?

Sell me on change, sell me on better. You can also sell me on reform and realistic expectations. Please, please don’t tell me you’re on the road with perhaps the most charismatic political figure of our time not representing your company’s interests.

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