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Looking for someone? Lots of people are, it seems. When I wrote about this topic in the Search Engine Watch blog back on May 22nd, I indicated that People Search Makes up 30% of All Searches. In this article, I’d like to break down some of the types of searches performed at one of the companies referenced in my blog post, ZoomInfo, based on information I received from the company.

Company, People and Job Search

ZoomInfo offers a great service that provides a wealth of information about companies, people, and jobs. Its listings are computer generated using information found on the Internet. This means that if the information found on the Internet is not accurate, then the information presented by ZoomInfo will be flawed as well. However, the many examples I reviewed were all accurate. This included some relatively small companies that I looked for using ZoomInfoâ””s company search.

ZoomInfo has over 35 million people profiled, and its jobs info is provided by Indeed.com, which aggregates job listings from some of the biggest names in job search, so the list here is probably quite complete. On the company search side of things, ZoomInfo has data on 3.8 million companies. I also tested several company searches, including some pretty small companies. Some of the information this site comes up with is pretty hard to find by hand. And, all the data is neatly organized into profiles that give you a quick snapshot about the company you are researching.

On the ZoomInfo site, People Search seems to rule the day in dramatic fashion. In May of 2007, there were almost 5 million people searches, but only around 830,000 company/product searches, and about 113,000 job searches performed on the site.

Job Searches

If we look a little more closely at the job searches done by job title, here is what we get:

Job Title % of top 20 categories % of total
sales 11.72% 5.11%
HR or human resources 9.49% 4.14%
marketing 8.83% 3.85%
CEO 8.46% 3.69%
finance or accounting 5.57% 2.43%
VP or vice president 7.71% 3.36%
CFO 5.06% 2.21%
director 4.97% 2.17%
CIO 4.73% 2.06%
product manager 4.43% 1.93%
controller 4.34% 1.89%
recruiter 4.28% 1.87%
VP sales 4.10% 1.79%
manager 3.28% 1.43%
president 2.50% 1.09%
project manager 2.50% 1.09%
accountant 2.14% 0.93%
engineer 2.05% 0.89%
finance 2.05% 0.89%
attorney 1.81% 0.79%

It’s interesting to see just how strong the focus is on business-related jobs (sales, marketing, and senior management roles). The top nine listings are for business-related jobs, and the top 20 business-related jobs comprise about 77 percent of the search volume shown in the above list. This reflects the business-focused mindset of the ZoomInfo user base.

Company Searches

Breaking down company searches is also interesting. The company search function is a great business intelligence tool, and you can search for companies by name, industry, or product category. Here are the top 20 company search terms for ZoomInfo in May of 2007:

Name % of Top 20
Health insurance 9.99%
Pharmaceutical 9.29%
Java partners or software 8.32%
Medical device(s) 7.46%
Software 6.93%
Manufacturing 6.80%
Auto insurance 6.41%
Software development 5.55%
Insurance agency 5.39%
IBM 5.00%
Life insurance 4.51%
Enterprise routers 4.35%
Insurance 3.94%
Liability insurance 3.42%
Microsoft 2.92%
Healthcare 2.51%
Financial services 2.38%
Accounting 2.36%
Business software 2.27%
Car insurance 2.14%

Job search by company is led by health and medically related categories, with those categories taking three of the first four slots, and making up 25.74 percent of the top 20 company searches. Coming in second are software-related company searches, with such searches taking three of the top eight slots, comprising 20.9 percent of the top 20 company searches. Insurance companies have a strong presence in this list, taking four of the top 20 spots, for a total of 15.46 percent of the top 20 company searches.

The top 20 company searches comprise only 12.2 percent of the company searches on ZoomInfo, so this gives you an idea of just how flat the search spectrum is for this type of search. Given that this is the case, it is interesting to note that only two companies made the top 20 by name, and they were IBM and Microsoft. IBM received about 1.7 times more searches than Microsoft. Perhaps IBM gets searched more often because of the much broader physical distribution of the company’s offices.

This very flat distribution suggests just how broad a topic these types of searches are, and just how diverse the audience performing the searches truly is. With an Alexa ranking of 2,240, the siteâ””s overall traffic is clearly strong, and the company has a bright future. Zoominfo has also partnered with proxpro, a Boston-based company that offers ZoomInfo’s service for mobile device users.

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