Bing Native Ads Combines User Intent, Native Experiences

A new Bing Ads offering allows advertisers to target user intent beyond search.

Bing mostly bases “user intent” on prior search queries and site actions, such as looking at products and clicking ads. Combining them with native experiences, Bing Native Ads aims to offer “advertisers the ability to reach users in search-powered environments providing the most relevant and actionable experiences matching commercial intent of users,” wrote Raj Kapoor, senior director of mobile and local search at Bing Ads, in a blog post this morning.

Integrated with Bing Ads, Bing Native Ads offers the same targeting and bid-boosting properties, such as location, device, time, day and site remarketing. Beyond intent signals, the product leverages algorithms and comes with bid modifiers for advertisers.

Bing Native Ads is still in beta and will be rolled out to all Bing Ads advertisers later this year. For the time being, the product is only available in the U.S. market on MSN.

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