Want to Combine Sites in Search Console? Google Wants to Know.

Want Google to allow combined sites in Search Console, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools? Now is the time to let the company know.

In a recent survey, Google gives two examples of how the combinations might work: either for viewing an integrated Search Analytics report that uses all URL versions of a site (both http and https) or an updated console that includes mobile and international subdomains.

Google recently posted a survey asking SEOs, webmasters, and marketers for feedback on side-by-side comparison within Search Console. The company wants not only to know whether users will find such combinations helpful, but also how they’ll use them. Google asks if users would combine different URL versions of sites, track subdomains, or even track the entire brand.google-search-surveyThe survey also asks for a job title and gives the option to report the names of websites respondents manage in order to sort the efficacy of each use case for sites of different sizes. If you’d like to add your feedback, view the full survey here.

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