Google Earth Turns Ten and Adds Two New Features

To celebrate its tenth birthday, Google Earth has added two new features to better enable users to explore the world.

The first feature, Voyager, is available on desktop. According to Google’s blog, Voyager allows users to quickly navigate to its newest and most interesting images. Voyager includes popular images from Street View, such as the Taj Mahal, highlighted virtual tours of notable places, and photo-realistic 3D images of cities. Voyager also provides a map of Google Earth’s most recently published satellite

The second new feature is Earth View, which offers aerial views of some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. While Earth View technically launched last year, Google is celebrating Google Earth’s tenth birthday by updating Earth View with over 1,500 new images. The new content is available in the updated Chrome extension and in a web gallery; both offer downloads of the high-resolution imagery for mobile and

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