Bing Livens Up Homepage With Audio Tools

Bing has made its homepage more informative with an audio icon.

Now users can not only watch a video about Bing’s homepage, but also have the option to hear more about the theme. For example, Bing’s homepage today features the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. When users visit the homepage, they will see a video of geese taking flight over the park. When they click on the audio icon on the bottom-right of screen, they can learn more about the video and hear the geese calls captured by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


If uses further click on the camera icon nearby, they will be directed to Bing search results about Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge where they can dive deeper into the daily image.

Bing released its first HTML5 video homepage back in 2011. The company introduced an interactive panoramic homepage the following year to make the page more vivid and informative.

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