DoubleClick Adds Cross-Device Measurement, Native Ads and Programmatic Guaranteed

Google is going to add cross-device measurement to DoubleClick, in addition to supporting programmatic buying and native ads across the platform.

In the connected world, a purchase decision rarely starts and ends on the same device. For example, a consumer may search for a pair of sneakers on mobile while actually making the purchase on desktop. In response to the trend, Google is bringing cross-device measurement to all DoubleClick ad products, so that marketers can measure their campaign effectiveness across the Web, not just with the ads they buy from Google.

“Now you will be able to get full consumer attribution from the very first interaction on an ad on one device to that ultimate conversion on another device,” Neal Mohan, vice president of video and display advertising for Google, said at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit in Miami on Wednesday.

Though cross-device measurement is new for DoubleClick, Google has spent the past two years investing in solutions that help marketers measure cross-device conversions in AdWords. The company’s stats show that retailers see an average of 16 percent lift in conversions when they take cross-device behavior into account. That number for U.S. consumer packaged goods advertisers is 11 percent.

Along with cross-device measurement, Mohan introduced support for native ads in DoubleClick.

“We at Google fundamentally believe that ads in context are the most engaged and the most effective type of advertising,” he said.

This new solution allows publishers to create their own clearly labeled custom native formats, and decide what ads on their apps should look like. DoubleClick will then automatically generate the ads, serve them at scale, and provide data insights to show how those native ad campaigns are performing. Google will also offer standardized native templates to make native ad buying easy for advertisers.

Another ad product unveiled at today’s DoubleClick Leadership Summit is Programmatic Guaranteed, which allows premium inventory to be transacted programmatically at pre-negotiated rates. This offering reflects the rapid growth of programmatic buying.

“Today, the world’s leading brands and agencies use programmatic as means to run premium campaigns for mobile, video and native formats, reaching the right audience at the right time with exactly the right message,” Mohan said. “We see the growth of programmatic as a channel for advertising across all of our platforms.”

Programmatic Guaranteed will be focused on premium inventory, including native formats like promoted tweets and skippable TrueView ads. It will also add Google Preferred, a program allows advertisers to more easily buy into the top tier of YouTube content.

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