Google Now Adds Quote Cards That Lack Attribution

The latest Google Now card displays quotes in the search results for famous people, though the quotes don’t link back to or attribute the source pages.

When you Google the name of a famous person, plus the word “quotes,” a box containing a list of quotes is displayed at the top of the search results. This applies to pretty much any luminary, whether or not they’re likely to be considered inspirational.



According to Alex Chitu at Google Operation Systems, an unaffiliated blog covering the search juggernaut’s constant updates, “It’s worth pointing out that Google doesn’t link to the sources. Quotes are extracted from various web pages and attribution seemed unnecessary for Google.”

Presented without citations, quotes can be attributed to the wrong people, in addition to lacking context. For example, a Google search of “Kanye West quotes” includes “Nothing in life is promised except death” in the list. While West did say that, it’s a paraphrase of Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes” quote, which is absent from his own card.

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