Bing Delivers Clicks Against 99 Percent of Yahoo Desktop Traffic

Despite rumors to the contrary, Bing Ads is serving Yahoo search ad click volume successfully, according to new data from Bing.

Over the last month, Bing Ads delivered ad clicks against more than 99 percent of Yahoo desktop traffic and approximately 90 percent of traffic from mobile devices. The click volume continues to average 99 percent of Yahoo’s April baseline click volume, according to a Bing Ads blog post, which also stated that a 1 percent deviation month-over-month is normal and reflects seasonal queries.


In April, Yahoo and Microsoft renegotiated their search partnership after six years. These figures reflect that renewal, which gave both search giants more autonomy.

Whereas in the past, Bing Ads delivered all the desktop search ads on Yahoo properties, Yahoo can now serve up to 49 percent of that traffic from its own Gemini system. In addition, both companies can sell their own ads, something previously handled by Yahoo.

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