AdWords Offers Updates to YouTube Brand Lift Insights

Google has introduced new measurements to YouTube’s Brand Lift video insight product that will give advertisers a better look into how their ads affect viewers throughout the purchase funnel.

In an AdWords blog post this morning, Google listed several new ways that the year-old Brand Lift will report performance of ads. Now, Brand Lift will provide data around brand awareness, brand consideration, brand favoariblity, and intent to purchase. 

Google is pushing behavior- and insights-based campaigns, dubbed “micro-moments,” across platforms. At a recent Google event, Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president of ads and commerce at Google, explained,”Knowing what someone is looking for when they shop is more valuable than knowing their demographic information, like how old they are, or where they went to college. We’re encouraging brands to more fully understand how and where people are looking for them, anytime and anywhere.”

In April, Google reported that Brand Lift measurements showed YouTube ads had a 94 percent recall rate, as well as an average lift of 80 percent. The new measurements will allow advertisers to better measure micro-moments campaigns; for example, using YouTube’s “TrueView” or “Cards” ad offerings to connect relevant products with relevant content, like linking to paint colors from a how-to video focused on home interiors. 

Brand Lift can be used to measure performance on mobile as well as desktop videos.

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