Bing Adds Automated Rules to Streamline Campaign Management

Bing has introduced automated rules, a new feature that enables advertisers to schedule and automate their top campaign management operations.

With the new “Automate” tab, Bing users can avoid lots of manual work when they set campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.


For the time being, advertisers can automate and schedule 13 different types of rules. For example, if a campaign repeatedly reaches budget limits by the afternoon, the campaign manager can go to the “Campaigns” tab and clicking on “Automate > Change budget when”, as shown below:


In the above page, the manager can customize an automated rule and choose to have the rule run on all enabled campaigns, all campaigns, or only the campaigns that they have selected in the “Campaigns” tab.

Of course, the new feature allows marketers to execute other automated actions, such as start and stop a campaign for a special event, avoid costs on poor performing keywords or ads, and keep ads on the first page.

To edit, pause, enable, or delete existing automated rules, users can just click on “Automate > Manage rules” to edit and view logs of any rules that have run. They can read a detailed report of all changes made by a rule by clicking on “Details”.


 Images via Bing.

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