Google Enhances AdMob Tools and Adds Mediation Partners

Google has introduced a set of tools for its mobile ad network, AdMob, at the company’s annual I/O conference. The updates enable mobile app developers to hide ads from certain users and serve targeted ads in more major ad networks.

The company has added a new feature in beta to the Audience Builder tool, which allows developers to hide ads from highly-engaged app users. Audience Builder, powered by Google Analytics, helps developers segment users based on how they use a mobile app. For example, they can create a list that defines users who have been inactive for two weeks, and show ads to the list to re-engage those inactive users while they’re in other apps or across the Web.

Now, developers not only can show ads to inactive users, but also can hide ads from certain users with Audience Builder.

For example, if they want to offer an ad-free experience for loyal users who already spend a lot on in-app purchases, they can create a VIP list via Audience Builder to make sure this group don’t see ads and keep engaging with their app.


Meanwhile, Google has enhanced AdMob’s mediation tool that allows developers to run other mobile ad networks through the platform. In the past year, the company has added 15 major ad networks to AdMob, and now it supports 40 mediation partners, including Facebook, Twitter, Millennial Media and Tencent, one of China’s largest mobile ad networks.

Google acquired AdMob five years ago, at the price of $750 million.

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