Google Adds Unified Search to Calendar and Drive

In a move to offer a unified experience across its wide range of products, Google has enhanced Google Calendar and Google Drive search capabilities.

Search bars at the top of Google Calendar and Google Drive will now feature not just information saved within the respective apps but also content from across Google owned and operated properties along with web search results. Whether users access the search bar in Drive, Calendar, or Gmail, they will be able to see relevant emails and calendar events as well as files stored in Google Drive and web

For example, when users type the keyword “data” into Google Calendar, they will see suggested web content, relevant files and calendar events if there are any. When they click one of the results, it will open in a new tab.

Gmail users have been enjoying this search feature for a while, but this is Google’s first attempt to make other apps more searchable, though it seems the feature doesn’t work within all apps. Entering keywords into the Google Docs app only leads to relevant Word documents in search results.

Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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