Lenovo REACHIt Extends Cortana Search Capabilities

Coupled with Cortana, a new Microsoft search feature called REACHIt makes it easier to find a specific photo or file in Windows 10.

REACHIt allows users to implement Cortana voice search across devices to access specific files via personal cloud. A unique Lenovo user ID will link all Windows 10-enabled tablets, PCs, and phones to connect all of a user’s personal files, including photos, videos, emails. Cortana search works from all devices, so a file uploaded to a PC can be accessed from a phone or tablet from anywhere, using a variety of different keywords, such as location or date. lenovo-reachit

For example, a Lenovo user looking for a vacation video saved to a phone doesn’t have to remember the name of the video or even have the phone accessible. He or she can simply ask a REACHIt-enabled device to find “that video I took in Paris.”

In a prepared statement, Mark Cohen, vice president of ecosystem and cloud services at Lenovo, described REACHIt as a cross between a personal assistant and trusted friend. “What you need is an assistant – a friend – who is always at the ready to help. That is where Cortana and REACHit come in, enabling people to find their personal content in an incredibly natural way – by asking a friend for help.”

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