Google Upgrades AdWords Editor to Support Labels

Google has made a worldwide update of AdWords Editor that will offer labels, support for upgraded URLs, call-only ads, in-app mobile ads, and custom affinity audiences.

According to the AdWords blog, user feedback led to the adoption of custom labels, which will add descriptors to things like campaigns and keywords so they can be readily sorted. Users can create and edit labels by using the Labels tab in the Shared Library in AdWords

AdWords will now allow businesses to sort audiences based on parental status, along with gender and age to better target key demographics.

Other features, like upgraded URLs, have been around for a while, but since Google is asking all AdWords users to switch to upgraded URLs by July 1, the company has added support for the system in AdWords Editor. Google is also allowing users to target ads in mobile apps based on categories, such as games or shopping apps.

The blog also lists call-only ads among its upgrades, which came on the heels of Amazon’s own foray into app advertising for mobile.

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