Google Simplifies Top Movers Report, Autofill on Mobile

Google Ads’ new simplified top movers report makes it easier for advertisers to see changes across their accounts.

The summary table at the top highlights significant changes in the top movers metrics for a selected date range. Users can quickly identify ways to improve performance, seeing which ad groups and specific campaigns have varied the most in terms of cost, clicks, and conversions.


Autocomplete On Mobile

The search giant announced an enhancement for non-advertising users yesterday, as well. Three years ago, an autocomplete attribute in the Chrome browser made it easier for people to fill out online forms. Now, Chrome supports that attribute according to the current WHATWG HTML Standard, which allows webmasters and developers to label input element fields with common data types – name and street address, for example – without changing the interface.

“In addition to being tedious, [filling out online forms] is also error-prone, which can lead many users to abandon the flow entirely,” wrote Mathieu Perreault, a Chrome software engineer, in a blog post. “In a world where users browse the Internet using their mobile devices more than their laptops or desktops, having forms that are easy and quick to fill out is crucial.”

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