Super Bowl Recap: Budweiser Scores Big on YouTube, Tom Brady Dominates Google Search

Super Bowl XLIX was full of drama on the field, but the battle was also raging on YouTube and Google search, as brands were looking to promote themselves during the big game.

Google’s newest stats show that brands invested more on YouTube around this year’s Super Bowl than in years past. And the winner? That would be Budweiser, whose puppy ad was in the lead on YouTube.

A sequel to last year’s popular “Puppy Love” spot, Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” became the most popular Super Bowl ad on YouTube this year, followed by Bud Light’s “Real Life Pac-Man” and reality star Kim Kardashian’s self-depreciating ad for T-Mobile.


BMW’s i3’s “Newfangled Idea” and Snickers’ “The Brady Bunch” also ranked high on Google’s list.

Meanwhile, people turned to Google with questions related to ads shown during the game, such as “Who is the girl in the Toyota Super Bowl commercial?” and “Who is the voice on the Carnival Cruise Super Bowl commercial?”

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson were the top three searched players before, during, and after the big game this year. Three-time winner of the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP), award Tom Brady also won the title of “Most Searched Quarterback” on Google in every state, except for the Seahawks’ home Washington.

mostsearchedquarterback-googleWhat’s your choice for the best Super Bowl commercial and the best football player this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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