OneDrive and Bing Add Search, Shareability to Photos

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage system has partnered with Bing to generate tags for user photos in order to make them more searchable.

Through a close partnership with Bing and Microsoft Research, OneDrive will now automatically recognize content in photos based on visuals and will apply relevant tags to photos. Users can also manually add tags for easier search. When OneDrive users upload photos to the cloud, they will automatically be grouped by tag. Users will have access to photos grouped by tag or will be able to search for specific photos by using multiple tags.


The OneDrive blog promises through these updates, “You’ll be able to quickly find things such as ‘people,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘whiteboard,’ ‘beach,’ ‘sunsets,’ and dozens of other terms. This makes it even easier to add your photos in to presentations for school, to relive a specific memory, or to share something important with all of your friends on Facebook.”


OneDrive’s search update is just one of many new updates to the service. Others include easier sharing between OneDrive, camera, phone, and Outlook. Separate folders for camera imports and screenshots, and an upgraded album feature that now sorts related photos into collages.

The update to OneDrive also includes a “Weekend Recap” feature, which organizes a weekend’s worth of photos into a sharable album and automatically emails the photo story to the OneDrive user.

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