Bing Ads Lets Marketers Preview Bid Changes in Real-Time

Despite your best intentions, there are bound to be times when your ad strategy just doesn’t perform the way you would like it to. Thankfully, Bing Ads has released a new feature that allows users to make bid changes, and see in real time if the changes will increase the performance of their ad.

The Ad Preview Diagnostics tool creates easy access to Bing Ads‘ new features. Below is an overview of the features, and tips for how to use them.

Determine Why Ads Aren’t Performing

Users can now quickly identify why Bing Ads are not performing at a desired rate. The reason provided could include things like: Restricted by Location Targeting or Bid Too Low. This way search marketers can easily determine what the issue is, and make adjustments.


Preview Potential Results

As noted above, simply adjusting your ad bidding may not always be the issue. However, if it is, you can select your new bid and see the estimated clicks, impressions, etc. that you may experience.


Additionally, users can also preview the search results based on their new bid.


Words of Warning From Bing Ads

Users should keep the following in mind when utilizing these new features:

  • Features only work with text ads.
  •  Even if you have a high bid, your ads may not show.
  • If your bids aren’t showing it could be for a variety of reasons, including keyword quality score or that a different keyword is already triggering ads for your domain.

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