Google Attempts to Reclaim Users After Yahoo & Mozilla Deal

In order to reclaim some of the users it lost to Yahoo after its deal with Mozilla, Google has released instructions on how to switch back to setting its search engine as the default.

The move comes just days after the release of comScore’s monthly report showing that Google had seen a decline in its search share. To add salt to the wound, 1.6 percent of lost users were directly transferred to Yahoo. This created an increase of the market share from 10.2 percent to 11.8 percent for Yahoo.

Step 1: Change Your Search Settings

If you’re in Mozilla Firefox, you can click on the magnifying glass in the top search bar. You’ll see a drop-down that says, “Change Search Settings.”


Step 2: Set Your Default Search Engine

Your next step is to select which search engine to make your default.


Should Google Be Worried?

While Google did lose a small amount of search volume to Yahoo, it is clear that it’s taking measures to avoid losing any additional users. Do you think that Google should be worried?

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