Google Knowledge Graph Updates Upcoming Events Functionality

As you may remember, last year Google made updates to how musicians’ information shows up in the Knowledge Graph. With that update, Google began listing all the concert information when the user came directly from the artist’s official website.  

Now, in order to improve upon this functionality for concert-goers, Google has added four new features/upgrades to the Knowledge Graph.

1. Get More Concert Information

Users can now access actual ticketing links in “an expanded answer card for your events” that will show up in Google search results. It will include information such as the on-sale date, availability, and the direct link to preferred ticketing websites.

The example provided by Google was that of Ariana Grande’s tour. However, I searched for almost 20 of my favorite bands/musicians before I actually found one with concert dates displaying in Google Knowledge Graph.

According to Google, the official artist website needs to include markup ticketing links and the event information on their website in order to display in the Knowledge Graph. This can be done by placing the information directly into the site’s HTML or installing an event widget.


2. Plan B

If for some reason you can’t add the HTML or widget to your website, there is another option. Google has provided a “delegation markup” that allows you to source the event information from another page of your choice. Simply install the code to the website home page and customize the information in red.


3. Something for Comedians, Too!

There is also a separate “ComedyEvent markup” for the funny folks out there. If the event information is not listed on their website, comedians can also use the delegation markup.

4. Have a Favorite Venue?

Event locations can also add the Event markup to their websites to keep people informed about upcoming events.


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