Google Revamps “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” Tool

Google Analytics has released an updated version of its marketing tool, “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” with a few enhancements.

The latest version features refreshed data, and updated industry classifications. It has also split out paid search to let users see the influence of brand and generic search terms on the purchase decision.

As shown in the two images below, users can now see customer journeys for small, medium, and large companies in different industries. For example, when a user explores how marketing channels for small businesses in the shopping industry in the U.S. influence consumers’ purchase decisions, the tool suggests that organic search is very often an “assist” interaction for these customers.


However, when the user changes “small businesses” to “big businesses” while keeping the other variables the same, the tool suggests that display clicks and social are strongly assisting interactions.


Users can also drill down into each marketing channel for a closer look at the role it plays based on its position in the purchase path. For example, generic paid search, display click, and direct play different roles at particular stages.


Google suggests that channels that occur more frequently in the beginning of the path are more likely to help generate awareness for a product, while the end of the path is closer to the customer’s purchase decision.

The company released “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” last year. Google says the improved new version will help marketers deliver more relevant and useful marketing messages to their consumers.

Images via Google.

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