Google Launches New AdWords Editor

Google launched AdWords Editor 11 today, per a livestream announcement by Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management at Google.

The latest version of AdWords Editor allows users to toggle multiple accounts simultaneously, dragging and dropping items between accounts. Other enhancements include keyboard shortcuts, a detailed and reversible history of recent changes, and more accurate search filters. The announcement followed a recap of AdWords’ 2014.

Over the course of 2014, AdWords made more than 200 launches, with many notable ones centered on automation. “AdWords is growing in response to your demand for more automation,” Dischler said. “As your business grows, you need more powerful tools to scale campaign management and reduce repetitive tasks.”

Apps were another focus, as the average smartphone user has 36 apps and never uses one-quarter of them. In addition, more than 25 percent of smartphone users find new apps via search engines. This week, AdWords is rolling out a new ad, which will let developers without mobile sites deep-link to their app when users search for relevant keywords.

Phil McDonnell, a product manager at Google, said consumers are spending more than 15 hours each week researching on their mobile devices, highlighting the importance of accurate measurement across devices and the actions users take with them, including phone calls.

“Someone can find a great vacation deal on their smartphone while they’re waiting for the train in the morning and then later, book the flight when they get home, on their desktop,” McDonnell said, adding that 90 percent of consumers use three devices per day. “These types of experiences are happening constantly on search and display, so it’s more important than ever that advertisers understand them so they can better attribute ROI to the right kind of advertising.”

Automated bidding was another big feature this past year. Location, time of day, browser, device, and query wording can all affect the conversion rate when calculating bids for each impression. With AdWords, which takes all these factors into consideration, mobile game company Storm8, for example, increased its conversion rate by 120 percent.

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