Microsoft Adds Shake & Search Feature to Torque 2.0

In October of this year, Microsoft released a new app called Torque, which integrates directly with Bing to make voice search a snap for users. Now, based on consumer feedback, Microsoft has made tweaks to the app and introduced Torque 2.0 for Android phones.

One of the most notable updates is the addition of a “shake and search” feature for Bing search – all the user needs to do is shake their phone and then say their inquiry.

In addition to quick access to search, Torque 2.0 now has voice recognition and information on local events and flight status, as well as a new twist gesture that makes it easy to access your most used apps.

Torque 2.0 is available for Android phones and Android Wear on Google Play.

Microsoft has billed Torque as an alternative to OK Google. Below is the description from its Google Play page, which includes the basic features as well as examples of questions you can ask the app: 

Microsoft Torque Voice Search brings the most powerful voice-enabled Web search to your Android Phone or Wear. You can shake your phone to say what you want to search without interrupting your current app session. If you have a watch, you can flick your wrist to do the same thing. Without breaking the flow of your mobile application, you can talk to your Android Phone or your Android Wear to search for a quick answer.

Please check “shake anytime” if you want to use Torque’s uninterrupted search and browsing experience on your Android phone.

Please note you can activate microphone by pressing the “b” button in the search window. To close it, simply tap any area outside it. To move the search window, just touch and hold the frame. To see more answers, you can swipe left or right inside the search window. You can also swipe up or down to see more web search results.

Example questions you can ask: 

  • What’s the weather like in London? 
  • What is the temperature in New York? (world weather)
  • Any Indian restaurant nearby? Local shoe repair? (local business search)
  • Seahawks score? (up to date sports)
  • What is 15% of 86? What is 75 times 46? (calculator by voice) 
  • What time is it in Paris right now? (world clock)
  • What is stock price of Apple? Stock price of IBM? (up to date US stock price information)
  • Delta 25? Flight status of United 808? Air China 127? (flight status)
  • How is traffic in Los Angeles? Local traffic? (current traffic map in your area)
  • Any news from Microsoft? (web search, click to open on your phone’s default browser)

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