Instagram Upgrades Search, Editing, and Explore Features

Instagram listened to its users and determined that it was time to evolve its system to meet the needs of consumers. So on November 10, Instagram released iOS version 6.2 for Apple and version 6.10 for Android users, which include some very significant upgrades to the system.

Typeahead Search Functionality

Speed is essential on an app like Instagram, and the platform says it has “made some improvements under the hood to make it easier and faster to find the accounts you’re searching for.” This includes typeahead search, which will auto-populate results as users begin typing in letters.


According to Instagram’s help center, the results shown will depend on a list of variables, including:

  • People you follow
  • Who you’re connected to
  • What videos and photos you have liked on Instagram

Finding People to Follow

At the top of the Explore page there is now a “People” tab, which will recommend users for you to follow. If you’ve signed up for Instagram using Facebook, it will recommend those that you are already connected to. You can also search for users or hashtags using the Explore function.


Revisit and Edit Captions

According to Instagram, once of the most common requests from users was the ability to edit a caption after an image has already been posted.

Now, with the click of a button, you can edit your post to correct typos (as shown in the example below) or change your caption completely.


Individuals and brands alike can benefit from the new upgrades to Instagram’s system. As a marketer, which tool do you find to be the most useful and how will this upgrade affect your strategy?

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