Bing Ads Enhances “Change History” Page

Bing has announced enhancements to the Change History page in Bing Ads. The Change History page gives advertisers a way to see how changes impact a campaign’s performance.

In a blog post, Bing says one of the updates is aimed at enhancing usability. The redesigned Change History page “will now group the changes, making it easier for you to quickly navigate the grid and draw insights. Each row in the grid will contain changes made at the same time by a given user. Changes are grouped by Campaign, then by Ad Group,” Bing adds.

Here’s a visual of the old versus new page:


Bing also improved the performance of the page, saying the Bing Ads team “acted on your feedback and have addressed performance bottlenecks in the Change History page when it comes to showing data for accounts with a large number of changes.”

With the latest update, the limit of changes that can be viewed has been increased to 10 million.

From the announcement:

Before today, we limited views to only 200,000 changes at a time; a limit that is frequently hit for mid-to-large accounts. We have made significant platform enhancements and increased the limit to 10 million. You may also notice that the interface is at the same time much faster.

Other recent announcements coming Bing Ads include close variants for broad match modifiers in the U.S., and new bulk editing enhancements.

Bing says an upcoming release for the Change History page will allow advertisers to undo changes within the Change History grid, eliminating the need to go to another page to do so.

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