YP Taps Goodzer for Enhanced Local Data

Local search destination YP has partnered with local data provider Goodzer to add enhanced data to more than 3,000 business categories on YP’s website and app.

Goodzer says it uses automated technology to deliver hyper-local product and service data, including descriptions, availability, and pricing.

According to a rep, this means Goodzer will provide YP consumers with more information about local businesses. In other words, users researching businesses can now find menus within YP platforms that include descriptions of services and pricing, a press release says.

Goodzer’s database will “enhance a select portion of YP’s 20 million business listings,” the release notes.

That means “local businesses may receive more traffic, calls, appointment transactions, and overall awareness,” the release adds.

This partnership will help create a more “enhanced and convenient” YP experience for its 80 million U.S. consumers and it will allow local businesses to see more growth and success, the rep adds.

In a statement, Goodzer chief executive (CEO) Mike Wilson also says the deal will “make it easier for consumers to engage with local businesses.”

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