Yahoo, Bing Flirt With New Search Interfaces

Yahoo is reportedly testing a new search interface, while Microsoft is allegedly redesigning Bing.

According to Search Engine Roundtable, Yahoo’s new design for its search results page is more card-like and should work well on desktop and mobile devices.

In an email, a Yahoo rep says, “In 2013 alone, we performed more than 600 experiments on Yahoo Search, and we are continuing with these efforts…We don’t have anything new to announce at this time.”

All Google Testing, a blog that says it contains “Google experiments, tricks for activate them, and more,” likens the Yahoo update to Google’s interface for tablets. It has also posted instructions for how users can enable the Yahoo test, along with a video illustrating the potential changes.

Per SEL, Bing is also testing changes to its search functionality, which include moving its top navigation below the search results box.

All Google Testing says the new Bing interface will incorporate Google-like search cards. The blog has also posted screenshots of three versions the new interface, which are visible here. And, again, All Google Testing provides instructions for users to test the new Bing interface.

Echoing Yahoo, a Microsoft spokesperson says, “We’re constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience, and before any changes are implemented they undergo intensive testing and experimentation…We have nothing further to share.”


Image credit: All Google Testing.

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