Google Shopping Adds New Tools for Merchants: Bulk Uploads, AdWords Editor

Google has announced two new tools for Google merchants on the Google Commerce blog.

The new tools, Bulk Uploads and AdWords Editor, are designed to campaign management and bidding optimization to improve campaign performance for Google Shopping advertisers.

The new Google tools are available for sellers using Google Shopping, the improved ad campaign for product ads on Google search results. According to Google, 85 percent of Google retailers advertising products on Google are already using the updated program.

Bulk Uploads

Bulk Uploads in AdWords are designed to allow Google advertisers to make changes to multiple product groups within a Shopping Campaign at one time.

With bulk uploads, Google advertisers can now:

  • Edit multiple bids, keywords, ad groups, and ads.
  • Change various destination URLs.
  • Import changes.
  • Download product reports, and re-upload to automatically apply changes.

AdWords Download and Schedule Report

Bulk uploads are an opportunity for merchants to save time when creating new campaigns types, text ads or when adding extensions or keywords. Learn more about Bulk Upload reports and how to use them here.

AdWords Editor

Google’s tool update includes changes to AdWords Editor, a free Google tool which helps online advertisers manage AdWords.

AdWords Editor now allows Google advertisers to:

  • Edit bids and destination URLs.
  • Edit destination URLs for specific products.

AdWords Editor doesn’t allow advertisers to automate campaign or product group creating, so retailers looking to create Shopping Campaigns need to allot time to manually structure product ad campaigns and groups in AdWords.

Google Shopping, the new iteration of Product Listing Ads replaces PLAs in late August, which gives online retailers less than a month to switch campaigns, and utilize the new tools.

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