Bing Reveals U.S. “Fireworks” Search Interest in Time for July 4th

Bing gets into the Fourth of July spirit with a deep dive into the search term that’s on everyone’s mind: “Fireworks.”


Looking into the data, Bing discovered the interest by state, and created the following geographical representation of the distribution of searches:


From the post:

According to the firework index, the southern portion of the country has a relatively mild interest in the spectacle of fireworks. The least interested fireworks enthusiasts call Louisiana and Mississippi home. The Northeast appears to be home to the most rabid firework fans. The most fervent firework searchers can be found in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

One can only speculate why the distribution is as it is, but some reasons could include restrictions (or lack thereof) around fireworks, or areas of increased patriotism or tradition.

Bing further breaks it down by county, and offers some interesting tidbits about counties with increased interest:


In the Northwest, counties like Washington County in Oregon showed high interest. The author of the post had this to say: “The infamous ‘Black Jack Fireworks’ sits just across the Oregon/Washington border in a county with a low firework index but perhaps it serves the residents of Portland as well (as a Portland native I can vouch for this).”

If you’re in the business of selling fireworks online, you might use data such as this to better understand interest in your area.

Check out the post for more county-by-county highlights.

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