New Conversion Settings Can be Imported From Google Analytics to AdWords

Google AdsGoogle AdWords has announced new conversion settings for advertisers that allow you to import goals-related data from Google Analytics directly into your AdWords account, and edit the data within.

First, you can set specific conversion windows for anywhere between seven and 90 days. This allows you to look at your conversion data related specifically to the type of product you’re selling, whether it’s a purchase that someone generally takes a long time to decide, or something that has a much shorter decision window or an impulse buy. It’s currently set to 30 days by default.

Additionally, flexible conversion tracking can now be applied to conversions imported from Google Analytics. For example, you can now differentiate your conversions, such as sales counting, as separate conversions from your leads. You could also use it to track unique conversions against all conversions.

Lastly, editable conversion values allow different members of your online marketing team to set different values for goals and transactions that are imported from Google Analytics, without it changing values within Analytics. This will allow PPC managers to better optimize their goals without it affecting the social or organic search teams who are using that same data within Google Analytics.

None of the above changes will affect the numbers that are being reported within Google Analytics, however, it is worth noting that conversions may be reported differently when comparing conversions in Google Analytics versus conversions within Google AdWords.

These changes are now live for all advertisers.

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