RIP Bing Ads Express

Bing Ads Express is going away July 30, according to an announcement on the Bing Ads blog. If you remember, Bing Ads Express was meant to be a managed service, of sorts, for local businesses. The Bing product, which launched last October, leveraged an automated system that oversaw paid search campaigns for Express customers.

After launching, there were high hopes that the beta program would simplify online advertising on Bing for businesses that didn’t have the expertise or resources to focus on paid search.


However, the test run proved not to be a fit.

“Since launch, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges faced by businesses when promoting their business online,” Bing said in a post. “For many of our Bing Ads Express customers, offering simplified, automated options removes a granular level of control, sometimes needed in reaching their marketing goals.”

Because of that, said Bing, it will be retiring Bing Ads Express. After July 30, access to Bing Ads Express account information will be restricted.

Customers will now only be able to manage their ads through Bing Ads, and the announcement stated that Bing Ads remains the best choice for providing “the controls and transparency needed to easily reach the right audience.”

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