Bing Rocks Out With New Dynamic Carousel on Music Video Searches

Only days after celebrating their fifth birthday, Bing has released a significant upgrade to their music discovery functionality.

Bing’s team has recognized that people search for music videos much differently than they search for other video content. By analyzing the data Bing was able to determine that when searching for music videos, users were more likely to stick around and browse through additional content rather than moving along once they found exactly what they were searching for.

When describing the evolution of their music video discovery Bing’s Search Blog shared, “we have been working hard to develop a more natural way for people to discover and browse music videos.”

One of the new additions to Bing Music Video search is instant access to artist’s top hits as soon as you search for their name. Bing describes this feature as a dynamic carousel.

Bing Music Video Carousel

Bing’s new functionality also allows users to select a song from the carousel, select a video, and play it within the same window. You never have to leave your search screen to enjoy a video before easily moving on to the next.

Bing Video in Browser

Within the carousel you can also view all of the albums by the artist you’ve searched for and watch the videos for those songs as well.

Bing Albums by Artist

Bing Music Video discovery offers almost 2 million songs from 70,000 different artists. Judging by the recent updates Bing has made to their music search platform, do you think that they might eventually add a social element to the functionality?

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