New Kenshoo Technology Integrates Paid Search, Facebook Ad Targeting

This week, software company Kenshoo announced an addition to its paid search and social solutions that matches clicks on paid search ads to audiences on Facebook in real time. “Intent-Driven Audiences” (IDA) promises to bridge the gap between paid search and Facebook ad campaigns.

With IDA, Kenshoo gives advertisers the ability to create “Facebook Custom Audiences,” which are made up of people who have clicked on specific search ads, and are then “targeted to receive ads across Facebook’s entire ad inventory, including mobile, via Facebook’s advanced filtering capabilities to further refine targeting on top of consumer search intent data,” the company said in its announcement.

So far, the results have been promising, said Kenshoo, yielding positive ROI for a “leading” global retailer, with 110 percent ROI, 66 percent lower cost per click, and 30 percent lower cost per acquisition.


Kenshoo said IDA is the first solution in the market to match clicks on search engine ads to audiences on Facebook in real-time. The technology allows advertisers to not only show ads to consumers that have searched for specific keywords, but also use Facebook’s targeting capabilities to find more customers like them.

Since January 2013, Kenshoo has integrated with Facebook in its Facebook Exchange (FBX) support, which enables advertisers to retarget and bid in real time for consumers on Facebook based on paid search performance and website activity.

“At Kenshoo, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of math and technology to create meaningful solutions for our clients,” said Will Martin-Gill, SVP of product at Kenshoo. “Intent-Driven Audiences is another key piece to the puzzle that allows advertisers to move beyond keyword and interest targeting to reach highly-valuable audiences, and the performance improvements we’re seeing are substantial.”

For more on how Facebook advertising and paid search impact one another, check out this search and social resources section on Kenshoo.

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