7 Reasons You Need to Update Your Google Maps App

Google Maps recently released a major update to their app for Android and iOS. The latest Google Maps is meant to provide you with “even more ways to avoid life’s everyday hiccups.” Let’s discuss the seven reasons you need to update your Google Maps app ASAP.

1. Lane Guidance

Google has amped up the capabilities of the turn-by-turn navigation, but the most important change is the addition of Lane Guidance. With this new feature you will receive “voice guidance and step-by-step directions to suggest which lanes are best for your route.” For users in the United States this feature is available for highways and local roads in major metro areas.

2. Offline Mode

It seems like the times you need directions the most is when you have very poor or limited cell reception. With a little planning you will never be lost again. Simply map your course and then select “Save map to use offline” and name your trip.

3. Local Search Filters

Google Maps App Local Search Filters

You never know when a craving might strike. With Google Maps’ new app update you can easily search for restaurants, bars, and hotels. Additionally, your results will display the open hours, rating, price, and much more to help you make your decision.

4. Public Transit Integration

If you’re not someone that uses public transportation frequently, it can be confusing. Google Maps will now allow you to choose your destination and select a date for travel to provide you with the most accurate information. Or, if you’re out late and need to know when the last train home is, you can easily find the information with the click of a button.

5. Uber Integration

Maybe you left the house five minutes too late or your train or bus is running late. Don’t fret, you can still make it! Google Maps now has direct integration with Uber in case you need to change your transportation plans at the last minute.

6. Access Your Favorites

Google Maps Saved Location

If you’re visiting a new city or trying to find new places to explore locally, you can now save on the go. Once you’ve found a location that you want to visit, simply tap on the place card and use the star icon to save the destination in your results.

7. Plan Your Vacation

Do you ever feel that resort websites are a little too good to be true? Well, with Google Maps you can now access the Street View of almost any destination in the world. Google teases that you “might even get a peek inside some hotels, restaurants, and more.”

Helpful or Distracting?

I’m excited about all of the new features that Google Maps has rolled out this week. My only question is whether all of these new features might serve as a distraction for drivers. What do you think?

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