Google Expands App Indexing

Huffington Post App Indexing

Last December, Google began showing content from Android apps by including a link directly to the app. This means that when users are searching for something specific, and they had that content available through an app on their Android device, users could simply click a link and be directed not just to the app, but the relevant content in the app.

Google is now expanding the number of apps that are utilizing this search technology, with an additional 24 apps, including Pinterest,, The Huffington Post, Glassdoor, and AOL. There’s a complete listing of apps on the app indexing site.

If you have an app and are interested in being included, app developers can submit their app for consideration. All apps need to support deep linking, in order for Google to link directly to the related content within the app, as well as a site map for all those deep links.

This app content in search is available in English but no timeline has been announced for when this feature will be available for non-English users.

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